About us.

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Who we are

IT professionals that complement eachother

We are a growing group of young professionals who feel that they can do more as what is offered in the current job market.  We felt we where being held back in our ideas, energy and interest for what we love to do. We also feel that a company should take care of employees on a level where trust becomes mutual. This is the reason why OctopusIT is born.  

What we do

We find value for businesses, create solutions that work and make them look good.

Our focus is on a combination of business needs and software potential. We research what is possible for our clients and advice them on what choice to take.



  • Impact analysis
  • Business case 
  • Implementation
  • SaaS
  • Custom build software
  • User focused design

Why we do it

Towards an efficient world..

Time is our most valuable asset and one that should not be wasted. Yet everyday we see tasks being unnecessarily time consuming. We will change this and make sure that repetitive tasks are minimized so people have more time to feel human.

Our approuch.

  • People come first
  • Build software that matters

Working with us:

Our team consists of professionals who have gained experience at several well-known companies. We know that a big part of a succesfull partnership is communication and understanding.

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