Case study

Making work process easy.

Designing a brand and creating great software solutions.

What did we do?


Creating a trustful brand and digitizing work processes.


Creating an easy to use cross-platform user experience which works on every device.


Digital automation software which is easy to use and can be used in all kinds of sectors. Decreasing planning time and making your administration faster and easier.



Company info

APPX is the total solution for companies which want to use great digital automation software. APPX is based on Microsoft Dynamics and offers a solid / reliable solution in the cloud.  Our team, with years of experience, has merged the knowledge in one new system. Every day your administration becomes easier and faster.

Build for your pocket.

We created a fully responsive progressive web app, so APPX looked great on every device. Meaning every mechanic can have it with him on all time.

Designing a brand.

We designed whitelabel products which needed a trustful and minimal look & feel.


The Appx products are divided in two packages. The first being Appx software. This includes desktop software like  managing and administration  tools.

Out of office.

The second package Appx offers are the out of office apps. 

Primary colors

For the primary colors we’ve chosen fresh and trusfull colors. The right combination of shades of blue and white give the product that reliable feeling that we want to achieve.




Secondary colors

The secondary colors are bright and complement the primary colors. Using it in a subtle way, the apps are giving the right amount of eye candy, making the apps wonderful to look at and easy to use.







Desktop managing tools

For the “in office products” we build multible managing tools. The planner app is one of those tools.

Marketing website.

Then we built a marketing website, to explain
the concept of APPX.

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Improving the world

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