The details of what is built, determines how it should be built. And this is why we consult on every job. You might have an idea or a vision of where you want to take your company or where to grow into. And that is why you need a partner in IT. The core of any organization that is looking to grow, needs to excel at IT. Because great software will improve processes, increase productivity, increase efficiency and simplify complex tasks.

Making the right choices now, is going to have a great impact down the line. This is why you need advice from experienced development professionals that look at the bigger picture. Working with Octopus IT is building on the short-term and planning for the long term, so your business is productive now and ready for the future.

Business analysis

The consultancy starts with carefully considering all relevant aspects of the business, which involves:

  • - Investigating the company strategy
  • - Analysing opportunities, threads, strengths and weaknesses
  • - Creating a foundation for development, both strategically and operationally
  • - Involvement with/from stakeholders


Next, candidates for change are considered through an impact analysis. This is a global analysis of the consequences and it is advised whether and, if so, how the change can be implemented in a controlled manner. These are visually communicated so that visual elements can help you determine whether you are in agreement with the development.


Finally, if there’s an agreement on the implementation of change; a plan is established. This plan includes all requirements for the development, a definition of the implications of desired change and a delivery date. From our past experience, we understand the importance of the involvement of stakeholders throughout the development. Therefore, we are available night and day to communicate the process.