web development

Web Development

For us, web development is a collective name that we use for everything that has to do with the realization of your dynamic website or web application. This includes:

  • - Design
  • - Client and server side programming
  • - Management of web servers

We believe that unique products and best practices are followed by a comprehensive understanding of all of these elements. Our team consists of dedicated professionals that are familiar with the best technologies, frameworks and trends to provide the most value to your business.


Besides the technical functionality, we believe that software should always be user friendly. This implies that all users should be able to understand and benefit from using it. Therefore, we emphasize designing the application in line with the user perspectives. This is accomplished by defining the features in user stories, which helps capture the user’s perspective quickly and simply and incorporate this into the product. More about this in our design philosophy.

Client-side programming

After the product has been designed, it’s time for the development. A client-side script is a script that is executed by the website visitor’s browser. Various scripting languages ​​are available for this. We primarily work with JavaScript, the number one for web development. Other programming languages that we specialize in for the client-side are HTML5, DHTML, CSS3 and AJAX. We prioritize working with the latest trends in frameworks, a current focus on React and Angular applications especially. These allow for developing fast and high performance dynamic applications in a short period of time.

Server-side programming

To facilitate the client-side with dynamic features such as storing and retrieving data from databases, a server-side language is used. It involves employing scripts on a web server which produce responses customised for each client’s request to the websites. This allows for custom interfaces for users. For example, software systems that hold and require management of multiple user accounts. Among others, depending on the project we primarily use JavaScript (NodeJS) and Python because of their current compatibility with the client-side scripts.

Management of web servers

Besides functional performance, the uptime and scalability are very important aspects of any dynamic application. To ensure maximum uptime, our servers are embedded into multiple microservices, which each satisfies its own purpose (routing, middleware, business logic and database access) to implement a feature of the application. This guarantees secure and high performing applications for every type, size or scale of product

Our entire web server infrastructure is utilizing Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This facilitates us, and our clients, to fully control the performance of our applications and the ability to tweak our hosting environment. This results in products being able to scale up to having 200% higher speed than other service providers, more stability, scalability and security. Do you expect business traffic to fluctuate over time? No problem. With our flexible services we can scale up or down at any moment so you’re getting exactly what you need.