About Octopus IT

We at Octopus IT have a drive to improve the world. Learn more about this and our people down below.

about octopus it

Our ideals

Octopus IT was founded by a group of people who have the ambition to make positive changes to the world. We realised that we could contribute the most by doing something we're really good at. For us that is developing great software for the right reasons: Optimizing business processes that set humans free to do work that matters.

Our vision:

Making life better with great software.

Our core values:

  • Time is (y)our most valuable asset, treasure it!
  • Take your responsibility to make the world a better place
  • Treat people with respect, be honest decent and fair.
  • Always strive to find the most real value for the end user.

Who are we?

Researching, advising, developing, implementing and maintaining software solutions is what we do. We aim to be the IT-partner for companies that are great at their business, but could use help when it comes to IT. Our people are specialists on a broad spectrum of IT solutions, from consultancy to UI/UX design, from front end to backend development, it is all within our wheelhouse. This congregation of unique skills makes us a valuable asset to assist our clients in making future proof choices with their software systems.

Besides being an internationally operating IT-partner we share and provide great relationships and partnerships in the domestic market. We believe that our international experience provide excellent opportunities for clients closer to home, in the Netherlands. For example, things that go well in Germany could very well present a learning opportunity here.

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Our people

Employees are an invaluable asset in all companies and Octopus IT is no different. Our team devotes time to learning new technologies to always ensure the highest quality product. A varied skillset is important with any team, bringing together all the different talents of our employees contributes to our unique way of working giving customers the best possible results.

about joeri scheernhoorn

Joeri Scheerhoorn

Owner and principal consultant

about jesson honig

Jesson Honig

UX/UI Designer

about gary ginsburgh

Gary Ginsburgh

Fullstack developer

about sander wessel

Sander Wessel

Head of development

about sophie noor

Sophie Noor

Marketing intern

about fahd rayees

Fahd Rayees

Sales representative

about michael koning

Michael Koning

Sales representative