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Optimize your business processes through the use of effective software, so you can focus on the work that matters most.

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Staying ahead in your business means being ahead with your IT department. Our ability at Octopus is that we can help clients manage complex business cases.

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Great design is based on a few core essentials: It is tailor made to your wishes, whilst offering a good user experience.

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Web development

Development of custom software where you can be involved in every step to ensure your satisfaction!

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Combining the benefits of software as a service with traditional software development.

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Your guide through the cloud

Scalable products with cloud based solutions

Improve your business with google cloud! Make use of the powerful features provided: from analytics to machine learning, all just one click away.

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Making live easier with great software

Great software makes any company more efficient. We strive to minimize manual and repetitive tasks so people's energy can be used for bigger things.


The IT company that gives your company a head start

We know from experience that choosing a great IT partner is difficult. Software, businesses and people are always changing in an increasingly complex environment. In OctopusIT you will find a partner that understands your needs and finds the solutions you want.

“We aim to make software work in a way that people have more time”

Joeri Scheerhoorn
Joeri Scheerhoorn

Founder at Octopus

Most valuable asset

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project repairnet
custom SaaS solution


project vzug mobile
custom SaaS solution